Tools & DBs

DNA, RNA & Genomes

The tools and databases developed at the I2BC are categorised by subject. The following are tools & databases to do with genomics data.

A workflow to build 3D models of genomes from raw HiC data and visually explore them

Identify Rho–independent transcription terminators in your sequences

Dynamically explore over 54000 replicons from 25000+ prokaryotic genomes


CRISPR database and tools to detect and view CRISPRs and cas genes in sequences

Dynamically explore a pre-calculated database of de novo emerged genes detected using phylostratigraphy and synteny, and run your own predictions using the DENSE pipeline

A computational pipeline for DETection of non-conding Rna in PROKaryotes

Easy RNA Profile IdentificatioN software, an RNA motif search programme

Predict specific protein DNA binding sites in prokaryotic genomes

Explore conservation and evolution of fungal metabolisms in 165 different species

View and explore identified ncRNA clusters in 1000+ sequenced bacterial genomes

A Database for Paramecium species to provide resources for functional and comparative genomics to the community

PARamecium Toolbox for Interspersed DNA Elimination Studies

Explore the complete genome and microarray data for strain S mat+ P. anserina

Display experimental data of a whole-genome mapping of 5′ RNA ends in Enterococcus faecalis


Detect and analyse synteny breaks between (small) genomes

View and explore the synteny of protein sequences between +49 000 prokaryotic genomes

A set of tools and scripts developed within the ANR Transpedia project to analyse and manipulate DNA & RNA sequences

Transcription Units by Coverage

Search your protein/DNA sequences against a complete database of natural plasmids and explore their matching plasmid synteny maps.

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