Tools & DBs

Proteins & Proteomes

The tools and databases developed at the I2BC are categorised by subject. The following are tools & databases to do with proteins & proteomes.


Predict single and multimeric protein structures with AlphaFold

***Service only accessible to I2BC members***

Login and password correspond to your usual I2BC credentials (cf.

Explore centriole, centrosome, basal bodie, cilia and flagella proteins centralised from heterogeneous sources linked to OMIM data on human hereditary diseases

An efficient and rapid tool to extract the most reliable mature protein N-termini from proteomics data

A service for optimised model generation through suboptimal HMM-HMM sequence alignment

Predict single and multimeric protein structures with InterEvDock3 using homology modelling and/or free docking


Database for exploring 3D structures of protein complexes and their homologs in complex

Dynamically explore a database of manually curated mature protein N-termini in 5 different species

Find interaction networks from an input list of proteins

Predict N-terminal excision, acetylation, myristoylation & S-palmitoylation of proteins


Detect head-neck-tail modules and recombinase genes in phage genomes

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