Learning how to manipulate and visualise protein structures

About this course

Targeted audience:
  • newcomers & biologists who are not familiar with 3D protein structure analysis
  • Part 1:
    • The ABC of protein structure (composition, format, how to get it?, what can it be used for?)
    • Practical example with a structure predicted by AlphaFold (how to visualise a protein with ChimeraX, how to analyse it and how to understand the scores outputted by AlphaFold)
    • To go further: Foldseek, Consurf, etc.
  • Part 2: Q&A and help with your own data

Course organisers:

Thibault Tubiana (B3S/IMAPP), Jessica Andreani (B3S/AMIG), Raphaël Guerois (B3S/AMIG), Chloé Quignot (PF/BIOI2)

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